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There are people who cry over their OTPs
Then there are liars


why… why did they kill graham

i still ask myself that.


The new Persona 5 protagonist seeks help from the previous protags.

Original Comic:

P5 Protag “Harry Potter” & P4 Protag -

P1 Protag -

P2 Protag & Various Screams-

Maya Amano, Aegis, & Various Screams -

Editing - 

Music - 
Various Persona Songs

When Attempting to make Your Family Otakus


OK, let’s see, where to start.

Hamatora? No, that’s too new…

Black Butler?….. No, just no.

Soul Eater? Eh… better not.

Free!? …..No.

Naruto? No, my sister will call me mainstream.

Kill La Kill? Not with mom, I still want her to love me.

Attack on Titan? I’m not sure if they’re ready.

Fullmetal Alchemist?  No, they’re REALLY not ready.

Eh. Better stick to Studio Ghibli Films for now. It’s a process.

Do you Remember those days... →


where in Art was still that sweet toothed cop who wore a purple suit and would catch criminals with his old dead partner Gasket

where in Murasaki and Nice still have their complete minimum, and works as private investigators (they still are) and would always hang out at a cafe called…


Then and now Birthday and Ratio :)


"This is great, Nice! You won’t have to fight anymore."

"Oh, man, Birthday… There’s no way to cure you. What should I do? I guess there’s nothing I can do."

Those fucking parallels are killing me!


So Art’s brother is named Skill… so the three of them form NICE ART SKILL


do you think Ludger watched tragic ass anime, noticed they all had one thing in common, then looked at himself in the mirror and went

'…oh shit'

and thus he dyed his hair…but it didn’t help